Sunday, September 9, 2007

#37 Lots of announcements

by Jeff Smith

This is the week I'm supposed to tell you about how to edit your videos, or at least I said so last week, but there's a lot going on so I probably won't have the room to write about it in the detail it deserves.

As you should know, if you read my column regularly, Software Freedom Day is coming up on September 15th, and my family will be one of only two teams in the entire state that will be giving out stickers, flyers and free CD's full of software. We'll be giving out Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn CD's for those of you who would like to give the most popular distrobution of Linux a try. And for those of you not quite brave enough to step out of your virus harassed comfort zones, we'll be giving away copies of the Open CD.

The Open CD is full of free open-souce software for Windows. There's lots of useful programs on there that I think you'll enjoy, and which will familiarize you with the concept and quality of open source software.

We should be spending a little bit of time in both Jamestown and Russell Springs handing out things and trying to spread awareness of the Open Source Sofware Movement.

Another announcement I have for you is that I've posted all of the past StraightShootinComputin articles online for anyone who may have became a regular reader a little late in the game and would like to go back and see what they missed. You can find all my past articles at They're laid out nicely, and you're welcome to comment on them right there underneath each article, as well as send individual articles to friends. This is a great way to share this column (if thats something you wanna do) with friends and family outside of the Russell County area.

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