Friday, September 7, 2007

#16 Sending Email Attachments

by Jeff Smith

Hi and welcome back. It still surprises me whenever I come across someone who doesn't know how to do an email attachment. I often forget that I was new to all of this once, and that I didn't come out of the womb knowing what I know about computers.
Mostly it surprises me because it is just so easy to do. Sending an email attachmnent is one of the oldest and most widely used computing "tricks" in existence.
An attachment, is simply a file that is sent "attached" to an email. Thanks to viruses, they've gotten a bit of a bad name, but so long as you're careful when you open an attachment, and trust who its coming from, they can be very handy.
Using attachments, you can send pictures to your relatives, documents to and from work, or just about anything within the size limits set by your email handler.
Yahoo Mail, which is what I use, allows up to 10 megabytes worth of attachments to an email. And they virus-scan any attachments you may receive before you can accidently download anything malicious. I couldn't tell you the filesize limits of other services, as I've been a pretty faithful Yahoo Mail user for over 10 years.
Using attachments is pretty easy. Next time you wish to send one, just begin composing an email as you normally would. Then look for a button that says something like "Attach Files" (or it may look like a paperclip) and click it. You'll need to browse to and select the file you wish to attach. Then continue with your message and send it. If all went well, your recipient should now have a copy of the file you sent waiting for them in their email. (No, this won't delete your copy of the file.)
Always be careful to virus scan any attachments you receive that end in .zip or .exe because they may possibly be infected with a virus. They won't necessarily be infected, scanning is just a good habit to make. Or you could get an email service that scans them for you. Like I have.
See you next time.


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