Friday, September 7, 2007

#26 Things to Come

by Jeff Smith

You've undoubtably heard that computers can do some pretty amazing things, and yet most people just use their own machine to check their email and maybe buy something on ebay from time to time. In the next several weeks I plan on giving an overview of just some of the many many things that are capable with the average home computer. The purpose of this is to open your eyes to the versatility of the machine you already own, and perhaps spur you on to getting more creative enjoyment out of your computer.

For the most part, my articles have been aimed at repair and maintenance, with a little news thrown in. But here begins a new chapter. Below is a list of topics I will be covering in the near future, so if you're not a regular reader of my article, this may be a good time to become one.

Games and Requirements - I will cover a wide range of game topics, whats going on now, and some golden oldies you may have missed.

Media (movies television music) - How to put your PC at the heart of your entertainment system.

Video Editing - From home movies to amateur filmmaking, dvd authoring and special effects

Wireless Desktop - the easy way to network, learn about building encrypting your home wireless network

Home Control - More than just turning the lights on and off, you can fully automate much of your house

Home Recording - Garage bands can do more now than ever before!

Teleconferencing, Chat and Instant Messaging - Still just using one chat network? I'll show you how to really get connected

Internet Telephone (VoIP) - From its infancy to today, learn about talking through the net

Digital Assistant - How to use your computer so that you'll never forget another appointment, birthday or anniversary

Voice Control - Not a good typist? Control your machine using your voice, or dictate into a wordprocessor

Touch Screen Control - Not just for Star Trek or fast-food joints anymore, control your machine with a touch screen

Remote Control - Use your machine from anywhere with a web connection

Remote Access - Access your files from work, on vacation, anywhere

PC Customization - From custom cases to sprucing up your desktop, make your machine a hotrod!

Child Friendly Computing - From internet nannys to keeping your kids from deleting important files

Broadband - Differences between different kinds of broadband

Digital Photography - Whats a megapixel and why it matters

Home Networking - Hook up all your machines at once and share files across your house

Multi-Monitor Systems - You can get more done when you've got more desktop space!

As you can see, we'll be getting into some pretty interesting stuff, so stay tuned every week! It all begins next week, so see you then!

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