Friday, September 7, 2007

#11 Buying vs. Building a PC

This week's article is entitled:
BUYING VERSUS BUILDING, in a no-holds-barred, title match. This one's for the belt ladies and gentlemen. First let me make clear that this is for desktop systems only, if you're gifted enough to build your own laptop, you probably know anything and everything I might say in this column
In this corner, from Silicon Valley, wearing the Dell, Gateway logos, and the black, blue and white trunks, the reigning champion, Joe "The Big Easy" Buying. Ooh, mixed crowd response there, both cheering and jeering. Seems that customer support publicity isn't working out quite like they wanted it to.
And in this corner, from Hometown USA, a relatively unknown contender, John "Do it Yourself" Building, wearing the all white trunks and the "Pricewatch" and "Newegg" logos. Not much of a crowd response on this one. It seems not many people know what to think about Mr. Building.
And there goes the bell... They're out of their corners ladies and gentlemen... and there goes Buying with a "$100 rebate" to the midsection of John Building. We have our selves a fight. The rookie comes back with a "cheaper upgrade" uppercut to Joe, and follows up with a "better compatibility" right cross. But Joe is not finished by any count, he dishes out "Customer Support", "Limited Warranty", and "Six months same as cash" in rapid succession. The Rookie appears stunned, but undaunted, and returns a flurry of blows, "Parts Manufacturer warrantees", "Designed to your needs", and another "cheaper upgrade" for good measure. Joe Building, staggered by these massive blows, tries a desperate "Windows Pre-installed"
The crowd holds its breath as John "Do It Yourself" Building blocks with "Linux" and begins to beat Joe Buying about the head with "No Viruses" "No spyware" "Free software" and "No DRM" Wow, this rookie is really putting the heat on!
The crowd favorite is nearly asleep on his feet, but puts every last ounce of energy into a quick one-two.... "Building your own PC is too hard!", "we can do it better!" With a look of contempt, and a "Not really", John "Do-it-yourself" Building lays the champ out cold on the mat. The ref is still counting, but this one is over folks.
Thats it for this week, any questions, you know where to write.
I think I'm going to go watch Rocky Balboa.

Next week: The disks that came with your computer, and when to use them, and when not to.


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