Sunday, March 16, 2008

SSC #57 Ubuntu Brainstorm

    Do you ever wish that you could make a suggestion to the people who make Microsoft Windows and that they would actually listen?
    Well, don't expect it to happen any time soon, not with Microsoft anyway... but with Ubuntu, its a different story entirely.
    Canonical has recently opened up a new website geared toward receiving and using suggestions from their users, and it might just go a long way toward making Ubuntu Linux one of the greatest operating systems of all time.
    The site is called Ubuntu Brainstorm, and it is the philosophical brother of the Brainstorm site that Dell introduced a while back... (you remember, the one in which users demanded that Dell start releasing Linux computers?)  You can find the new site at  Personally, I've not been able to leave it alone since I first found out about it.  Joining the site is free, quick, and easy, and once joined, you can submit ideas that you would like to see incorporated into future versions of Ubuntu.  And you can vote on the ideas of others.  In this way Canonical can directly see what the primary needs and desires of their patrons actually are.  Votes from duplicated ideas are combined, so if an idea is submitted more than once, it won't split up the vote.
    One idea that I have submitted (which turned out to be a duplicate of an idea someone else had already put in) was that they make a version of Ubuntu just for kids. 
    The idea is that they'd take out OpenOffice and all of the productivity stuff, and replace it with fun games that young people would enjoy, set up in a fashion that is easy for a young child to navigate.  Coupled with some solid parental controls (including the Glubble addon for Firefox) this would make the ultimate thing for parents wishing to keep their kids (and their computers) safe.
    You'd simply put in the Kidbuntu disc and reboot.  The computer would boot back up into Kidbuntu and your children could have fun playing games without fear that they could accidentally  ruin your important files, see something they shouldn't on the internet, or worse.
    I invite you to join me and thousands of other Ubuntu users on Ubuntu Brainstorm and help us shape the future of Ubuntu Linux. 
    The next version, Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron is right around the corner, so its highly unlikely that ideas submitted now would make it into this release, but the next one, Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, is only six short months after that.  Who knows?  Perhaps you have an idea that will turn the computing world on its ear.  It has certainly happened before!  At one point, the idea of a computer mouse was unheard of!

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