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Mozilla and Netscape

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I found an article that does a pretty good job of explaining the whole Mozilla/Netscape thing...

The paragraph that most directly answers your question:

What's the difference between Netscape 6/7 and Mozilla?

(brief version)

They are of same source code, but target different types of users.
(complete version)
Technically speaking, they are almost identical. However, Netscape 6/7 is designed as an end-user product, and Mozilla is for the developers. AOL/Netscape spent a great resource on making Mozilla more end-user friendly by adding documentation and improving the user interface, as well as adding multimedia support and integrating its instant messaging.

Don't let it hurt your head or anything but there are litterally dozens of different browsers out there.  If not more.  This is not a bad thing. 

Firefox (made by is basically a result of what the open source community has done with Netscape after they opened up their program code to the public.

We, the users, have a lot of choice.  Personally I use and recommend Firefox, and I haven't personally used netscape in a very long while, except here and there.  Netscape just seemed very limited, and way too "safe", almost as though the programmers are making the assumption that their users don't have a clue.

While I'm not generally one who has to have my software installed with training wheels, I understand if other people do.  We all start somewhere.

Other browsers of note: 


There is nothing wrong with getting a second or a third browser.  It won't hurt your system, and you could find something you really like a lot better, so experimentation is good.

When you start them up they will usually ask you if you want to make it the default browser.  When you find the one that you like, make that your default.

But do try out Firefox... and be sure to check out their AddOn system... really adds a lot  of cool stuff to your Firefox.

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seer <email hidden> wrote:
Hey hey  :)
Ok, I went and got the videolan player - cool - got to see the file I downloaded - yippee!
Now, tell me - I use Netscape - is there a difference between that and Firefox?   The Mozilla thing confuses me, because I thought that Mozilla is what Netscape used - but if I'm understanding correctly, then Firefox is a third browser?
(I have a headache now)
Suzi  ;)

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