Monday, February 18, 2008

SSC #54 Farewell to HD-DVD

Toshiba says goodbye to HD-DVD

    Toshiba has announced that they have ceased manufacture of HD-DVD related equipment, which many think spells eventual doom for the format, coming as it does only a couple days after Wal-mart has announced that they will stop carrying HD-DVD movies on their shelves.
    HD-DVD and rival disc format Blu-Ray have been going at eachother's throats since the Christmas season of 2006 when Sony began pushing their Blu-Ray standard along with the PS3 gaming console.

    While there are still other companies that manufacture HD-DVD equipment, most analysts seem to think that with Toshiba, its heaviest proponent, dropping the format, that HD-DVD is likely to go the way of Betamax and the dodo bird.

    Owners of HD-DVD players are now looking at the choice of either switching to a Blu-Ray player early before having invested too much into HD-DVD movie titles, or else continuing to purchase movies from what promises to be an ever dwindling selection.

    Generally, in format contests like this, the market will usually favor one format over another, but it is hard to say early on which one will be the winner.  This is the risk one takes when being an early adopter.

    No word has been forthcoming from Microsoft, whose XBOX 360 gaming system which plays movies using the HD-DVD standard, as well as using the HD-DVD for its game discs.

    For those of you with more patience than money, who have been waiting quietly for one format to stand out before entering into the next generation of home entertainment, it appears we have a winner.  You can safely buy a Blu-Ray player.

    No comment has been heard from Sony as to how they feel about this, but one can only assume that they are very very happy.

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